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Blue Drops Systems offers  Water Treatment solutions for various industries. We are dedicated to bringing the most valuable and innovative solutions to solve customers’ water purification challenges.  We design water treatment plants according to the raw water analysis reports which helps our team to design most suitable product to meet the customer requirement

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UV Water Purifier

  • Reliable and consistent UV disinfection efficiency

  • High quality and affordability

  • Simple installation and maintenance. Compact units requiring minimum space

  • Easily adaptable to varied site conditions

  • Stainless Steel purification chamber

  • Quartz glass technology for superior UV transmission

  • Comes with Advanced Filtration System


Whole House Filters

  • Can take max iron concentrations up to 20 ppm.

  • Can reduce iron, Mn and H2S up to < 0.1 ppm.

  • Used with chlorine, filter offers excellent resistance to biological Contamination.                           

  • No limitation of alkalinity and TDS in water.

  • Can be operated at high differential pressures without breakdown of media.

  • NSF Approved German media.

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